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What To Expect!


KPPW Pop Warner Cheer program provides an opportunity for kids to perform with an emphasis of fun for all while encouraging the development of qualitiy is important long after Pop Warner days are gone. The mission of Pop Warner little scholars are to enable young people to benefit from the participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Kenai Peninsula Pop Warner Cheer programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives.

The participants in the Pop Warner Cheer program are unique as opposed to those of other programs. While they are taught about the values of competition, they are also maintaining their grades at a satisfactory level in order to participate and possibly attain the ultimate prize of being named a Pop Warner National Champion.

The KPPW Cheer Program is back for the 2024 season and we are hoping to bring in many members. In an effort to keep pace with the many new changes in the cheer & dance industry, there are a few basic rules that are unique to Pop Warner Cheer Squads that parents should be aware of.  Please refer to the Official Pop Warner Rulebook

What to Expect:


  •  $250 registration fee - covers insurance, field permits, toilet rentals and administrative costs, uniforms 
  • Warm ups- Jacket with name, Pants, a Bow and Headband (child keeps these items) 
  •  Parents to provide- White tennis shoes / White ankle socks / black Spandex shorts / Water bottle/Warm under leggings for cold games. 

Practice – Up to 5 nights per week

  • Practice schedule and location will be sent out by coach – varies by squad & Association
  • Practices are usually 5 nights a week prior to Labor Day or 10 hours a week. After Labor Day, practice hours may decrease. Practice times/days are determined by your head coach within the parameter of the field permitting.


  •  Games are mostly played on Saturdays
  • Games are played at: Kenai High School, Soldotna High School
  • Girls will cheer at 4 games per season possibly more depending on what your squad decides. We strive to make sure we cheer for all home football games & divisions.

What you need:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, please review rules and expectations on dress code for practices and game days. 
  • White shoes, white ankle socks and if possible have hair up and out of face. 
  • Bring water bottle. 
  • Have all items labeled with child's name.


Cheer Safety

Cheer Safety

Safety First! is the latest of a number of safety initiatives that Cheerleading's governing bodies have implemented in past years.

The results show, among other things, that cheer's total catastrophic injuries were cut in half from 2005 to 2006*, and that cheerleading's injuries per 100,000 participants is only 2.0, significantly less than the figures for popular women's sports such as gymnastics.

Below are some tips compiled by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association that help reduce cheerleader injuries at all levels:

  1. Proper Conditioning:  Physically prepare and maintain your body’s strength, flexibility, and stamina for stunting and tumbling.   Strengthen your core muscles (abdominal and lower back muscles) along with the upper and lower body and include aerobic (running, jogging, cycling, swimming) and anaerobic (wind sprints, circuit training) activities.
  2. Exercise Reminders:  Warm up, stretch and cool down for every practice or competition and be sure to rest.
  3. Proper Equipment:  Practice on mats or padded flooring until your routines are perfected.  Make sure the mats are adequately sized and sufficient for the activities you’re performing.
  4. Spotting:  Have trained spotters present and engaged at all times.
  5. Knowledgeable Coaches:  Make sure your coaches are certified in safety, first aid, CPR and AED use.
  6. No Horseplay:  Focus at all times during stunting and tumbling activities.
  7. Communication:  Request that your coaches review safety precautions, rules and regulations with the squad on a regular basis, and that they establish and implement an emergency action plan.
  8. Read Safety Guidelines:  Ask your coaches to be familiar with the latest Pop Warner Rules Book, YCADA (Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance) safety guidelines and participate in the ASEP (American Sport Education Program) Coaches Online Education Training for basics in cheerleading principles;
  9. Know Your Limits:  Be aware of your ability level and do not attempt advanced level gymnastic or stunting skills before mastering less advanced skills.  Always have a supervisor present.
  10. Treatment of Injuries:  Promptly attend to any injuries you sustain.  Your school or organization’s athletic trainer can assist in the proper treatment and prevention of such injuries.  He or she can also offer an injury prevention education seminar and assist in creating the conditioning routine.

Injury Prevention & Control: Concussions:

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth.

Health care professionals may describe a concussion as a “mild” brain injury because concussions are usually not life-threatening. Even so, their effects can be serious.

Click Here to Visit the CDC Page on Concussions I Download the Fact Sheet

Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification:

Pop Warner rules require that “All practices must be attended by one person holding a Red Cross Community CPR and a First Aid certification OR National Center for Sports Safety PREPARE Certificate of Completion, or equivalent, if not by an EMT or volunteer physician.”

PREPARE Level 1 Sports Safety eLearning Course from the National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) is offered to Pop Warner Coaches for $32.40 by entering promo code POPWARNER2016 during online registration at Have 10 or more coaches who need to take the course? Contact the Center for a group rate: [email protected] or 205- 329-7535. PREPARE is an online user friendly sports safety course that covers a wide-range of sports-related injuries and illnesses as well as preventative measures. Click Here for More Information.

All Cheerleading Coaches must complete the Pop Warner YCADA training every season.  Visit-

Upcoming Events

First day of 2024 season JULY 15th, 2024

Head Coach and Cheerleading Director: Kathryn Aho 

For up to date information on this season please head to our Facebook page here: 

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